1186978_10152016493396732_1161614061_n 1510528_10152019438911732_521031655_n

Our Dead North awards, for Best Film (Tiny) and Best Death (Reluctance)

1468580_10152029043056732_1942125349_n 15807_795975347135044_1896160478466840930_n

Posters we made for two of our three Dead North films.

10959677_10152698978916732_2998164847461164998_n11539556_10152984854511732_9172106325540148703_n  11026305_10152975433771732_3024646116238861894_n 11107183_10152850725666732_8913984139133720639_n

Me and my awesome wife and daughter.

11407276_10152955072696732_6125381525503575929_n 11136767_10152812331681732_4794379265284324038_n 11118263_10152955076846732_6454426767477060469_n 10433291_10152875281846732_3175401131862144569_n 10277907_10152984541816732_7979460985689166167_n

More photos of our little family and our chihuahua

11062146_10152924186381732_8791352285953806160_n 10957133_10152907917171732_874732583936637255_n10923288_10152907993116732_3390448252758335660_n  10453330_10152933272011732_811774637241110305_n

Camping with Inuvik Comedy Spring/Summer 2015

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