Daniel Sean of Kick Axe!

https://youtu.be/LWHCvEeG454 Thanks to Daniel Sean of Kick Axe for sitting down with me and chatting about his musical influences, how he started singing for the band and what led him there. Daniel joins us from his home studio in Vancouver for this can't miss interview!

Chris Jericho Cruise 1 recap

We went on the first ever Chris Jericho Rockin Wrestling Rager at Sea and it blew our minds! Something totally rad! Time of our lives and it was amazing! Hear our full review here, we recorded this from the hotel in Miami after the ship. It was fun haha

Kid Cyrus Interview

Monster Pro Wrestling Provincial Champion Kid Cyrus talked with Dez about his current reign, what got him started in pro wrestling and all about his dream match. A hint, it's Xtreme.

Chris Jericho Interview

Pro wrestling legend and rock star Chris Jericho joined us on the program in this unforgettable discussion about his band Fozzy, his ambitions as a new signee to All Elite Wrestling, the second Chris Jericho Rockin' Wrestling Rager at Sea and we find out just how far north Jericho has been!

Jonathan Torrens Interview

We welcome TV icon Jonathan Torrens to the show to chat about his career in entertainment. We talk about his advice for newcomers and what he has been working on recently! You don't want to miss this discussion about acting, hosting and more from J-Roc!

Dave Spivak Interviews

Dave Spivak has been on the Deztro Show a few times to promote his new music, to chat about the Chris Jericho Cruise, his upcoming music video projects and touring Canada with his best friends!