Public Speaking

As someone who is comfortable speaking to large groups and in new situations, I have pushed myself into getting out there and sharing my experiences with anyone who will listen. I speak from the heart, about topics and issues that are important to me and have affected my life, from addiction, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, mental health, well-being and spirituality.

I have been grateful in being asked to speak to youth in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region in a few conferences as Keynote speaker and to have shared my experiences with Inuit youth during the 2017 National Inuit Youth Summit.

I speak from a place that is raw and honest, so sometimes my language isn’t as clean as some might like it to be, but I have found great success in reaching my audiences by being myself and telling it how I see the world.

My goal is to be there for others and help them find the tools within to stand tall. It took far too long for me to figure out life’s most important purpose. To take care of each other. I have shared my story of regret and destruction with youth in our region and am eager to share with the world. If I can stop one more person from feeling like shit and see their own self worth, then I am one step closer to my goal.

I am always open to speaking to groups of any size or function. If you’d like to chat one on one I am also available for that!

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